Introducing Birdie Boutique: A Tribute to Generosity and Grandmothers

Introducing Birdie Boutique: A Tribute to Generosity and Grandmothers

Dear cherished shoppers,

The road leading to Birdie Boutique at Capello Salon has been a windy one. I often wake up with the thought, "how did I even get here?" I've started this blog to invite you on this journey with me as it continues to unfold, but first, I have to catch you up on the past couple of years! Bear with me as this might take a few posts. As we embark on this adventure together, it's only fitting that we begin by sharing the tale behind the name that adorns our boutique: Birdie Boutique.

Allow me to introduce you to someone extra special – Elizabeth Center, fondly known as "Lib" or simply Grandma to me. Growing up, I was blessed with the love and generosity of this remarkable woman. Despite never considering herself wealthy in material possessions, I always thought she was RICH! However, now looking back I know that Grandma's true richness lay in her hard work and boundless generosity. She taught me a valuable lesson: true wealth is measured not by what we have, but by the love we give.

Among Grandma's many joys in life, birds hold a special place in her heart. Specifically her "Baby," the 35 year old parrot that doesn't know that he is not actually her husband! Regardless, he is a constant source of delight and company to her.

During a visit to Grandma's, I found her collection of Baby's feathers and was struck by inspiration. I knew I wanted to create something special to honor her in our salon and boutique. Thus, the idea to incorporate feathers into our decor was born, serving as a perpetual reminder of Grandma's love and the simple joys of life.

Our boutique's decor also features Juju hats, symbols of prosperity, the purity of life, and the beauty of birds, thanks to a thoughtful surprise from Shelley, one of our store managers and the woman I couldn't have done this without! This addition adds an extra layer of meaning to our space, tying in beautifully with Grandma's love for birds and the values we hold dear.

The story doesn't end there. I have to tell you about Robin Leathers, the esteemed founder of Capello over two decades ago. Robin's guidance and mentorship have been invaluable to me throughout my journey as a stylist and entrepreneur. It's fitting that her grandbabies affectionately call her "Birdie," a name that exudes warmth and affection. In honor of her legacy and the love she embodies, I felt compelled to name our boutique Birdie Boutique.

So here we are, raising our glasses to prosperity, the purity of life, and the beauty of Birdies! Welcome to Birdie Boutique, where every item tells a story and every visit feels like coming home. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of generosity, the beauty of nature, and the cherished memories of grandmothers who continue to inspire us every day.

With heartfelt gratitude and boundless excitement,

Chelsea McBride

Owner of Birdie Boutique

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